As Oy Kurjenpuisto

The housing company Kurjenpuisto, located in Kerava, underwent an extremely large-scale plumbing renovation. The project consisted a total of 156 apartments in multiple apartment buildings. The housing company was built between 1968 and 1971. The project consisted of renovating the entire water system, all apartment-specific wet spaces, and stairways. The housing company’s electrical system also went through a renovation during the project.

An additional challenge to the project was brought by the asbestos used in the buildings, as the regulations for asbestos removal had just been updated and tightened. This required for special measures in protection during the removal and work order. Even more challenges to the logistic and safety measures was brought by a day-care center operating in the housing company premises.

Overall, the project lasted for a year, and normally we had about 20 construction workers working at once, and 50 workers at best. The work was done one stairway at a time, and the apartments were under work for about 10 weeks each. Work done in the day-care center was done during the center’s summer break.