As Oy Kukkalax

In the comprehensive pipe renovation project carried out in Olari, Espoo, a total of 81 apartments and three commercial premises in three apartment buildings were renovated. In connection with the renovation, the public facilities, such as the sauna facilities, the company’s storage and storage facilities, and the stairwells were renovated throughout. In addition, the roofs of all three houses were renovated.

In connection with the plumbing renovation, the HVAC systems, electrical and telecommunication systems, as well as the surfaces of the bathrooms, saunas, and toilets were overhauled. In connection with the roof project, a heat recovery system and provisions for solar electricity were also added.

With the help of a carefully honed schedule and site planning, the As. Oy Kukkalax’s roof and pipe repair contract was completed according to the agreed schedule in the summer of 2023.

Cooperation with the project organization and residents went well throughout the renovation, which significantly contributed to the success of the renovation. In connection with the renovation, extensive additional and modification work ordered by the residents was carried out in the apartments, such as kitchen renovations, bathroom extensions, and apartment saunas were added to the cloakroom section. The works were carried out within the framework of the original schedule, and the modification works did not cause any additional inconvenience to the schedule of the apartment-specific works. Success in customer cooperation was also seen in the answers to Oy Kukkalax’s customer satisfaction survey, where the recommendation rate was + 66.