Plumbing renovations 

Plumbing renovation is always a big decision for a housing company, and especially its residents. Therefore, it is especially important for us that we offer you the entirety of our experience and know-how, right from the beginning.

We have carried out many plumbing renovations, ranging from smaller row houses with a few apartments, to housing companies consisting of a number of apartment buildings. Our largest project was a housing company with a total of 156 apartments (read more about this project >>).

We take pride in executing the entire project according to the agreement. The schedules and cost estimates are kept, the residents are kept informed, and the work is done in a manner that causes as little inconveniences as possible. As an additional service, we do renovations, such as the interior repairs of sewages and all alteration works ordered by the customer.

In our projects, we always work as the main contractor, and for special contracting, we use established and well-tried partners.