Svenska Skolcentrum

In 2023, the school located in Kauniainen underwent a large facade and water roof renovation, in which the facades, water roofs, windows and partially asphalting of the yard were renovated and renewed.

The work started with extensive demolition work, where the building’s facades and part of the felt roofs were dismantled with insulation. After the demolition work, approx. 1,600 m² of the facades were insulated and bricked, and approx. 600 m² were plastered again. In total, the wall area was more than 2200 m². The felt ceilings were also extensively renovated. In addition, a completely new wind cabinet and two-way concrete stairs were built in connection with one of the entrances. The lower ceiling of the main entrance canopy was also renewed and lighting was added. The over 600 m² sheet metal roof of one building was service painted and repairs were made to the dilapidated asphalting of the yard. All facade work and water roof renovations were done under weather shelters.

One challenging aspect of the project was that the school was in use during the entire project, excluding vacation time, and this set certain restrictions regarding different work phases, for example during the test weeks.

In total, around 35 people worked on the project at their best. The work was done in three stages and the total work time was about eight months.